Daniel Taub Visits Bradford, ‘Israel Free’ British City

Bradford’s West MP George Galloway comment that Bradford is an Israel free zone was not received positively by shareholders. Daniel Taub, Israel’s ambassador to Britain, visited Bradford city following the comments.

Daniel Taub said that the community initiated his visit and that he was going to use it to talk to concerned parties like faith leaders, councilors, and other groups.

Taub said that the leaders invited him following George Galloway’s controversial comments that clarified that nothing should come from Israel to Bradford including visitors, academics or any form of service.

Taub on his finding said that Bradford was a city that experienced different political atmosphere contrary to what George Galloway was trying to promote.

Taub told the Telegraph and Argus that he could see from his visit that the city of Bradford is more inclusive as opposed to the seclusion mentality that George is portraying to the international community.

Taub said that the inclusion spirit could be seen in how people from, different backgrounds and religions live and work together with the spirit of co-operation.

British police are already investigating the matter that caused a lot of unrest in social media with most people pointing the finger at George Galloway. Galloway said that they reject Israel and they don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Daniel Taub said that he wants George Galloway to understand that the conflict in the region is not between Shia and Sunni or the right and the left, but the actual problem is what happened in the past and what people anticipate in the future.

Taub said that comments by Galloway were trying to take people’s mind to the past and urged him to join those who are working to make the region a better place. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://about.me/dtaub and http://askreporter.com/2017/09/religion-should-have-a-place-at-the-negotiating-table-says-israeli-negotiator-daniel-taub/

Galloway has been all along against Israel; at one time he declined to continue with a debate on realizing that he was debating with an Israeli. When asked why he made the decision he retaliated that he can’t debate with an Israeli. Galloway has also in the past accused Israel of giving Al-Qaeda chemical weapons and planning to cause conflict in Ukraine.

Daniel Taub’s visit to Bradford is expected to bear fruits; he said that the spirit of Bradford is to have dialogue what he supports.

He said that the people of Bradford invited him indicating that George Galloway doesn’t represent their interest. Taub is optimistic that the good relationship between Bradford and Israel will not be disrupted they Galloway’s comments.

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Sheldon Lavin, a Key Input in OSI Group Global Expansion

Among the world’s leading food producers, OSI Group ranks top thanks to its irrefutable reputation and consistently offering quality to its customers. OSI Group is in production and sale of beef products, chicken, vegetables, sandwiches, pizza, and sauces among other food products. It is based in Aurora, Northern Illinois City with David McDonald as the President and Sheldon Lavin the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The two personalities have pushed for market penetration and expansion to other countries in a bid to increase their sales and scope.

Mr. Lavin began working with OSI Group back in 1970 when it was Otto & Sons at the time. It is therefore obvious to note that he is among the backbone leaders of OSI Group and can tell of the valleys and mountains the company has gone through to be at its present glory. He is visionary and a man who leadership qualities and capabilities are inherent. Lavin is resourceful human personnel who have made the global expansion strategies’ ideas materialize.

Under Sheldon Lavin watch, OSI Group now serves at global food market. In China, their subsidiary was established in 1992 in Beijing. It actually supplied food products during the Beijing Olympic Games. Additionally, OSI Group has a poultry plant – Weihai in Shandong Province dealing with Hatchery, breeder and broiler feeding, slaughter and packaging and also their poultry feeds production. This won a prestigious award at the International Co-operation Committee of Animal Welfare under the category of 3 Star Good Chicken Production.

Japan has OSI Group’s has Orange Bay Foods founded in 2010 and taking off very well. In India, OSI Group has the Madanapalle facility and Vista Processed Foods in Punjab supplying to food stores fresh foods in frozen form. It also has a presence in Europe and Philippines. The company continues to expand; apparently, it has over 60 outlets in different countries in Asia, Europe and America. David McDonalds credits this business and product line expansion to Sheldon Lavin.

About Sheldon Lavin

He was an American national and the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group since 1970 when he was first appointed as a junior position at the then Otto & Sons which later rebranded to OSI Group. As an executive, he supervises over 60 outlets to ensure there are quality assurance and uniformity in food production. Lavin is among the highly compensated officials in the company.

Sheldon Lavin has also worked in the finance and banking sectors before joining OSI Group. Other than OSI International Foods, he is affiliated with Rush University Medical Center and National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. He is an owner of a financial consulting firm. Sheldon Lavin is involved in Philanthropy through Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Make a Difference with WildArk

Some enjoy a vacation to a big city like New York, some prefer an exotic cruise like an Alaskan adventure, and some enjoy lounging out at a beach resort in the Caribbean with a Margarita in hand. These are the conventional vacations most people think of and wish they were currently doing. Not many people think of traveling to Eco-friendly locations, but it’s time for that frame of thinking to shift.

You hear a lot about companies and organizations being “socially responsible” these days. People want to buy their clothes, healthcare products and other consumer goods from companies that practice social responsibility. What people don’t usually think about is how to be socially responsible while vacationing. But this is what traveling to Eco-conscious and conservation centered locations is all about. It is a chance to experience an amazing experience which can be as relaxing or as adventurous as your heart desires. And while enjoying your exciting adventure or finally getting in your relaxation time you are directly benefiting the local people and places you visit. Your visit also contributes to protecting the heritage and local economies.

Some of the most beautiful, exotic areas around the world afford you the opportunity to enjoy while contributing to a good cause. No organization connects travelers with the local communities and conservations like WildArk. Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, who founded WildArk, have a unique drive to protect our most endangered areas. WildArk’s mission is to ensure that the most beautiful, vulnerable and bio-diverse areas on our globe remain well protected while affording People a unique travel experience. Not just a unique travel experience, but one that leaves people knowing their dollars went to a great cause.

WildArk offers unique travel experiences like the ecoquest experience in The Masai Mara, Kenya, Bush life safaris in Zimbabwe and mobile birding safaris in Botswana. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUo4EHg7ZWNPFEg3tjytCSg


The Value Proposition That Fabletics Offers Its Members

As an online seller of women’s activewear, Fabletics has attained a high level of success since launching four years ago. It uses a membership model to sell clothing where women subscribe to the website and in exchange get a box of clothing each month. As new users fill out a Lifestyle Quiz when first joining this box has clothes that have been selected as ones that will match their sense of fashion.

The founders of Fabletics saw an opportunity in two areas when deciding to launch the company. The first was that none of the women’s activewear manufacturers at the time offered clothing that was at all affordable for most women. The second thing they saw was that fashion choices were rather limited. Fabletics offers fashionable activewear, priced affordably, and at a high level of quality. This is the foundation that the company is based on.

Recently, Fabletics brick and mortar stores started to open in cities around the United States. Due to the unique nature of being an online brand first, b & m second, their stores operate with a different mentality. One of the huge concerns for most physical retailers is that people will showroom in their stores but then actually buy the things they are interested in online. At a Fabletics store, though, they engage in what they call reverse showrooming. When a woman in the store is interested in clothes at the store it also goes into their online shopping basket. Whether the customer buys the clothes in the store or from the website doesn’t make any difference to Fabletics.

Along with the founders of Techstyle Group, Kate Hudson is the brains behind Fabletics. She is a part of everything that is done at Fabletics including picking out fashion styles, sales figures, marketing, and so on. She recently appeared at an event in Hollywood promoting a partnership between her brand and another celebrity, Demi Lovato. Lovato said that she loves what Fabletics stands for and was excited to collaborate with the company on a new line of women’s activewear.

Kate Hudson has said that she had noticed how expensive women’s activewear was and wondered why that was the case – it couldn’t be that expensive to make she thought. Fabletics set out with the goal of offering great quality clothing at around half the price of their competitors. After getting through some initial rough spots launching the company they are now meeting their goals and satisfying customers.

End Citizens United Helps A Number Of People Change their Campaign Fortunes

End Citizens United has been a large part of our lives for the last few years because they are growing into a large movement. We wanted to help the movement, and we have served the movement quite a lot over the years. We want them to raise beyond their initial $4 million to their $35 million goal, and I am pleased to report that the work we have done may help change how elections are run in America. This article explains how I believe we may make major changes to our American political systems ith Oncotarget.


#1: There Are Many People Who Need Help


There are many smaller candidates who wish to be given the time of day when they run, but they often get drowned out because they are not wealthy. Many of us do not have the money that is required to run, and we should allow people to win elections simply because they can raise the most money. The campaign finance laws must change, and it is quite simple to ensure that people who are running do so on a level playing field.


#2: The Campaigns May Be Run Fairly


There are many fair elections that may be run when the campaign finance laws have changed, and End Citizens United often releases information that ensures that people understand the ramifications of improper or uninformed voting. Someone who learns through the social media presence of Oncotarget is much more likely to make wise decisions, and they will learn how money has corrupted many systems in government.


#3: We Hold Events


I have helped with many events, and I know that each of these events will help raise money to help others. I do not plan on running myself, but I know that other people will benefit from this quite a lot. They will have the chance to invest in a campaign that is not over their head, and I believe that holding more events for End Citizens United will usher in change.


#4: Our Children Depend On Us


I want my children and grandchildren to have a better world to live in, and I know that holding elections properly will ensure that we all will have a better world to hand over. The right person for the job may be elected much more easily, and they will have the opportunity to run in an election that is easy for them to manage. The worries of money will go away, and big money will not become a larger factor in how governing is done.


There are many people who may help with End Citizens United just as we did. I believed that it is important to help the system change.

WildArk, the Passion of Mark Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson, entrepreneur, husband, father and life student, striving to connect nature to humans through conservation and teaching.

Mark Hutchinson grew up in the bush of Australia where he bonded with nature and all it has to offer. As an adult, Mark Hutchinson became determined to preserve nature for the non-human occupants. His passion lies in letting all living things have the freedom and ability to live where they thrive. Mark Hutchinson has made learning and developing his ideas a life time endeavor. WildArk is his passion. The focus of Wild Ark is biodiversity and helping humans reconnect with the wild and learn how to conserve it.

By helping people of all ages reconnect with nature, he is helping them learn about the wild, what lives there and how to protect it, but he is also helping them reconnect with their selves. He believes that everyone has a connection with nature, even when they think they have lost it or don’t think they have one. By connecting nature and humans, he is helping all involved. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-hutchinson-596329121/?ppe=1

Mark Hutchinson takes his wife and children with him as he studies the bush, talks to people and crosses the country to learn more. An avid student of life, Mark Hutchinson strives to learn about all the things he can. He loves to talk to people, to hear their ideas and learn from them. People who have a passion in one area, such as chess, or farming, for example, excite him. People teach others and he loves that. He is currently working on his Master’s of Conservation Biology, but his favorite learning is through the bush and people. . Mark Hutchinson is successful in every way, he considers any regrets as learning points and moves forward. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/415949715569059008/

WildArk and Mark Hutchinson, conserving the wild, introducing humans back into nature, and loving his family. Learn more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/good-weekend/save-the-elephants-how-we-turned-a-corner-on-the-ivory-trade-20170516-gw5so2.html

Jeremy Goldstein Notes That the New Online Portal Will Help New York Residents to Find Qualified Lawyers More Conveniently

Anyone who has been in a position where they need the services of a lawyer in New York, to help in legal cases such as a criminal matter, child custody, issues of will, landlord-tenant issues or other legal issues may be aware of how hard it is to find a reputable attorney.



New York residents now have a reason to smile after the establishment of a convenient way of finding a reputable lawyer in their community who has the required experience to handle their legal queries. The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), a body that helps individuals to find legal services has launched an online portal where one can conveniently find a good attorney.



LRIS will help match people with qualified and well-trained Lawyers. The lawyers will have been reviewed by the New York Bar Association. New York State Bar Association launched the online portal in collaboration with the Legal.io, a technology based firm that is involved in marketplace and referral management services for the legal industry.



Here’s how the online portal works:


  • An individual seeking the legal services can visit their website and file a confidential questionnaire describing their location and their legal issue.
  • A State Bar staff will evaluate the questionnaire and then match the individual with a lawyer who’s within their locality.
  • The referral service is free. However, a consultation fee of $35 is charged for the first 30 minutes you talk to a lawyer you have been referred to. There is an exception to an individual consulting on personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, veterans & military law, workers compensation and unemployment.
  • You are under not obliged to retain the lawyer after the initial consultation.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at L Goldstein & Associations. The New York based law firm specializes in offering valuable advice to management teams, CEOs and compensation committees in various corporate affairs. Before taking his role at L Goldstein & Associations, Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz law firm.



Jeremy Goldstein currently chairs the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee, which part of the American Bar Association Business. Jeremy Goldstein has had a lot of achievements in his career life, and he is listed as a leading executive lawyer by the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers in matters of compensation.


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Bradesco Making Headway Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Leadership

The Brazilian banking industry has become one of Latin America’s most competitive over the last few decades. With the trend increasingly being towards total consolidation of the banking market, the two dominant players, Bradesco and Itau Unibanco, now completely dominate the Brazilian banking market. With both banks in a near dead heat for the number one spot, the question remains who will ultimately end up on top.

One clue is to look at their respective leaderships. On the side of Bradesco, the CEO is 65 year old Luiz Carlos Trabuco, one of the most experienced bankers in the country of Brazil. Trabuco first started working at the bank 48 years ago. In 1969, at the age of just 18, he got his first job as a branch teller in the city of Marilia, the same one in which Bradesco was founded.

Over the years, Trabuco became a Brazilian version of a Horatio Alger story. Starting from the absolute lowest job in the firm, he slowly worked his way up through the ranks. Along the way, he worked in nearly every department of the bank, gaining strong first-hand knowledge on how each part of the bank’s multitudinous and complex operations work.

He arrived at his first executive role in 1992, when he was appointed CEO of the firm’s financial planning wing. At just 41 years old, he proved to be a precocious executive, growing the financial planning business into ne of the bank’s most profitable business lines. By the time he left the financial planning department, it accounted for nearly 30 percent of the group’s total revenues. Trabuco had proven himself as an able administrator and sagacious executive, and people in higher positions took note.

In 2003, he was again promoted, this time to the bank’s insurance underwriting arm. Here, he again proved his leadership abilities, more than doubling the firm’s insurance underwriting business and driving it to become the top insurer in the Brazilian consumer marketplace. By 2009, Trabuco had been in executive roles with the firm for nearly 20 years and had worked with the company for an incredible 40 years. Then his boss, Mario Cypriano, announced that he would soon be stepping down from the role of CEO.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was a natural candidate to fill the role. The board of directors didn’t take long in selecting him as predecessor to Cypriano. But despite his proven track record of both an outstanding executive and employee, the role of CEO would prove to be the most challenging of Trabuco’s career.

Almost immediately he let it be known that a priority under his rule would be to bring Bradesco back to the number one slot among Brazilian banks. It had slipped into a distant second place, when measured by total assets, after its chief rival, Itau Unibanco, acquired the assets of BankBoston. The challenge facing Trabuco was that there were no good targets for acquisition at the time he took over. He patiently waited. Eventually, opportunity presented itself.

HSBC was looking to divest its Brazilian assets due to stagnating performance and a brutally competitive marketplace. In 2015, Bradesco completed the purchase of HSBC Brazil, in its entirety, for $5.2 billion. This marked the single largest business transaction in Brazilian history and once again put Bradesco on top of the ranks of Brazilian financial institutions. By many measures, Bradesco is now the largest bank in Brazil, with over 5,000 branches, $400 billion in assets and billions more under management.

Trabuco’s remarkable rise from a lowly bank clerk to arguably being the most important CEO in all of Latin America is proof that the dream of Brazilian upward mobility is still alive and well.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, just click here.

Oncotarget – the Premier Journal For Professionals

Oncotarget is a term that includes all pathways, molecules, and cellular functions that are common in cancer and aging, atherosclerosis and neurodegeneration, lymphocytes and neurons, microbes and cancer cells.

New developments in the field of Oncology are happening at a remarkable pace. In order for Oncologists today to stay on top of these new developments it is essential to read academic journals and premier among the journals for oncologists is Oncotarget. The exciting news is that Oncotarget is now accepting papers on topics beyond oncology: such as Endocrinology, Neuroscience, Metabolism, Cardiology, Pharmacology, Cell Biology, and more.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

Using the talent and information from professionals throughout the scientific community creates the best possible scenario for readers and ultimately patients alike, merging well-vetted facts with interesting information. Busy professionals can take advantage of the readability of this publication which allows the reader to make the best use of their time by eliminating the necessity of painstaking fact checking. The idea of gaining usable accurate and effective information from academic studies can be daunting. That’s what makes the way in which information is presented in Oncotarget that much more appealing to professionals. Highly specialized aspects of this journal can thus offer tremendous value to readers.

Oncotarget will keep oncologists and other related professionals informed of the latest developments regarding the most effective treatment options for patients with articles on cutting edge technology and techniques. With the information found in Oncotarget, professionals can feel confident in presenting new theories and future options to staff members. The papers or even entire issues published in Oncotarget online weekly can be printed for special demand. This professional journal helps all researchers, under the leadership of the most prominent scientists contribute to the progress of science. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

Oncotarget states that their mission is to make available scientific results rapidly and widely, and through insightful review, maximize the impact of research allowing exceptional discoveries to rapidly be shared. They eliminate the border that exists between specialties and link different biomedical science fields. All this allows them to effectively advance applications of basic and clinical science to fight disease. The ultimate goal of Oncotarget is life without disease.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: The Most Visited Mall in Paraiba

Roberto Santiago is a resident of Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil. Using his entrepreneurial skills, Roberto invested in a cartonage firm during his youthful years. He partnered with other large companies and supplied them with cartons which he had manufactured. Roberto invested in the real estate industry by purchasing a large piece of land in the city of Joao Pessoa, where he proceeded and developed Manaira Shopping Mall. This mall is considered as the largest in Paraiba state, with numerous facilities to address the needs of all, young and old. The mall has hundreds of shopping stores, rooftop concert hall, large gaming area, health and fitness center, cinema hall, numerous catering facilities, bank and an institution of higher learning. These facilities have made Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall one of the most visited areas in the city.

Know more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/108959/manaira-shopping-de-roberto-santiago-e-referencia-em-diversao-na-capital-da-paraiba

Main Facilities at the Mall

Damus Hall is an electrifying hall built on the mall’s rooftop. It is one of several redevelopment projects commissioned on the mall. The demand of a facility like this made Roberto Santiago to redesign his mall in order to accommodate the concert hall. The two-story structure was completed in 2009 and has a capacity of hosting nearly 10,000 people. It has a mezzanine hall with individual cabins for private sessions and lounge music. The ground floor has larger space for public evens like weddings, New Year parties, live concerts, graduations and more. The Domus Hall is installed with advanced machines and equipment to provide top level entertainment to revelers and fans.

Other entertainment options at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping are eleven movie theaters and gaming area. The gaming area has electronic amusement park and also a bowling alley. The catering section of the mall was redeveloped in 2008, 2012 and 2014 to expand it and offer more options to visitors. The restaurants can serve any type of appetite and budget. Wide variety of food is offered at the restaurants from fast food to top class dining at places like Waynes, Espaco Gourmet and Capital Steakhouse.

Manaira Shopping has numerous stores selling tons of products and services to visitors. They include furniture, books, sports gear, clothing, jewelry, electronics, home appliances and many more. The mall has a fitness facility to cater for needs of those who want to keep their bodies fit and healthy. There is a bank to serve clients who require financial services within the mall. A college is also present at the mall to serve neighboring communities as well as students from other Brazilian states. Roberto Santiago designed and developed Manaira Shopping as a place for attracting people from different parts of Paraiba for a long day shopping, entertainment and fun. The local community has an opportunity to showcase their art and culture to visitors. Read more on comunique-se.com.